Site Transportation

Because we know that every project is unique and that work scopes are perpetually fluid, we understand the need for site transportation solutions rather than 'off the shelf' plant hire.


By working closely with our clients and their engineers we are involved in the planning from the earliest possible stage. We will ensure the correct combination of plant, equipment and operators are provided to best suit individual project requirements.

Tug Tractors

We run an extensive and varied fleet of Tug tractors enabling us to service multiple, diverse applications.


Our tugs range from small 2WD Douglas aircraft towing tugs, to large heavy duty 4WD tugs with gross train weights of up to 180,000kg.


All of our 4WD tugs have dual position seats, allowing the operators to face their load when reversing for added safety.


Many of our Tugs are fitted with additional bespoke hitches and some with external hydraulic services for crane trailer operations.


The larger Tugs are also compatible with 5th wheel articulated road trailers for added versatility, allowing us to offer a drop at the gate service, improving turnaround times and overall site safety.

Lowbed Trailers

Ranging from 20’ to 40’ in length and 8’ in width, our all-steel deck low bed trailers are used for multiple applications, with loading capacities of 25,000kg to 80,000kg.


Having a maximum deck height of less than 1 meter with a fully usable flat deck area, these trailers make the perfect mobile work platform for large and small components alike.


With minimal moving parts and a removeable gooseneck they are also ideal for shot blasting.

At On-Site Plant Logistics we are continuously adapting, evolving and expanding to ensure that your requirements can be met safely and efficiently.

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