Lifting Equipment

From forklifts and telehandlers to lorry loader crane trailers and our unique Franna AT-14 articulated pick and carry crane, we have a comprehensive selection of lifting equipment to support your projects.

Franna AT-14

This is a pick and carry crane that is capable of lifting and moving up to 14,000kg over long distance, across all terrain.


With articulated steering and no need for outriggers, the Franna has increased manoeuvrability in tight spaces and provides efficient and precise lifting operations.


Due to its multiple lifting points, this crane is also ideal for lifting and turning components.

Crane Trailer

Compatible with our specialised tug tractor and HGV lorry unit, this versatile PM26 crane trailer has a maximum load capability of 11,500kg. It is remote controlled and ideal for loading in isolated areas.


This trailer is also fully road worthy, ready to be used for inter-site and general road movements.

Forklift Trucks

Our counter-balance forklift trucks range from 2.5 to 12 tonnes, and come in a combination of Diesel, Gas and Electric variants with fully enclosed weatherproof cabs as standard.


To compliment these forklifts, we supply a range of equipment including; tine extensions, hook attachments, adjustable boom attachments, in cab fork positioning, and load weighing systems.


We also supply rough terrain forklift trucks, if your ground conditions are 'less than perfect'.

Telehandlers, Articulated Booms and MEWPs

To further support your projects, we supply Telehandlers, Articulated Booms and Mobile Elevated Working Platforms to satisfy your access requirements.

At On-Site Plant Logistics we are continuously adapting, evolving and expanding to ensure that your requirements can be met safely and efficiently.

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